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We know sometimes things are not straight way clear and understood by every one that why everyone needs to be accommodated. 
Should you want to get hold of us be it because you have a question, be it you would like to recommend something , be it you would like to donate but would need more information about the organisation, be it you know someone who can be a great help to the organisation or you would like to volunteer at the organisation. 
We are not hard to be reached depending on how you prefer we are just a phone call away, to some we are just a facsimile away , to some just an email away, to some just a visit away, to some just a Facebook away or even better to some just a contact form away. 

Method Details Available
Physical address 181 Wyebank road Kloof 3610 During office hours
Postal address 181 Wyebank road Kloof 3610 24/7
Telephone 031 707 6198 During office hours
031 707 6192 During office hours
Email info@ubuntucrisiscentre.org.za 24/7
Facebook www.facebook.com/ubuntucrisiscentre 24/7 
Cell phone 073 572 8600 Office hours + after hours
Working hours

MONDAY - FRIDAY 8 am - 4:30 pm 
Weekends Closed 
After hours 4:30 pm - 8pm 

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